Topshop Lipcream

I tried Topshop’s Lip Cream in “Smart” on a whim- walking around in the store before going out one night, I thought I was looking really washed out and needed a dark lip.… Continue reading

M.A.C. Masterclass Brushes

M.A.C.’s newest addition to their makeup tools is their new line of ergonomically hi-tech set of brushes called the “Masterclass Brush Collection” which has only three brushes for eyes and face. The handles… Continue reading

First Impressions- Marc Jacobs Beauty

First Impressions: Marc Jacobs Beauty 1. Marc Jacobs Beauty Style Eye-Con No.7 Plush Eyeshadow in “The Lolita”- The black lacquered packaging on this palette is so sleek and on point. The packaging of Marc… Continue reading

Negative Space Trend Nails

Tried using a nail striper brush for the first time so I thought I’d start out by doing a simple black x nude chevron tip design. Excited to try out new designs in… Continue reading

Holiday Gift Sets

The holidays are the best time to stock up on cosmetics, as a lot of brands do holiday collections or limited edition gift sets in luxe packaging with amazing value! I love seeing… Continue reading

Winter Skincare

When winter hits, I always find that skincare products I use during the summer months just aren’t as effective anymore. Even though I have combination skin, I find that in the winter I… Continue reading