Winter Skincare

When winter hits, I always find that skincare products I use during the summer months just aren’t as effective anymore. Even though I have combination skin, I find that in the winter I still need to switch up my skincare products to ones that are more gentle and hydrating. Here a few of the products in my winter skincare routine at the moment along with a few tips to beat dry and dull winter skin:

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1. Vichy Purete Thermale 3-in-1 One Step Cleanser:  Even though I have combination skin, I find that during colder weather, the areas aside from my t-zone start feeling really dehydrated. To combat this, I start by massaging on a cream cleanser, which adds a bit more moisture into my skin while removing makeup at the same time.

2. La Roche Posay Hydraphase Intense Serum: I love this serum all year around! When I’m feeling like my skin is dull and dry, I use this overnight after cleansing to really give my skin extra moisture. The gel-like texture is extremely lightweight and fast absorbing so there is absolutely no greasy residue left on my skin. Really great serum for dehydrated  and sensitive skin types!

3. Vichy Aqualia Thermal Light: My go-to moisturizer for the winter has been this one by Vichy. In the summer, I use the same moisturizer but in the gel formula. So, since I noticed that just wasn’t cutting it during winter-time (I found my skin still feeling tight, especially on the cheeks), I decided to upgrade to the ‘light’ version- a slightly heavier but still light moisturizer, which I really am liking for the colder weather. I use this after my serum and on top of any acne treatment that I apply at night.

4. CLARINS Lotus Face Treatment Oil: I have combination, acne prone skin so although the areas apart from my t-zone (aka my cheeks) get dehydrated during the winter, I still have that dreaded shiny t-zone. To combat the unwanted shine and reduce oil in the t-zone, I apply this treatment once a week just on the t-zone of my face. I really notice a huge difference in the oil produced in my t-zone! The spa-like aroma of this product is just an added bonus!

5. A Humidifier: The one thing I NEED during the winter time is a humidifier next to my nightstand. It’s a quick fix to combat dull, dehydrated skin caused by the dry winter air and by the heater blasting indoors.