I’ve been noticing a common theme lately in all of my handbags…multiple tubes of Maybelline’s Baby Lips stashed in all the little side pockets and pouches. There’s a reason why I carry around so many of them- it’s one of the best drugstore lip balms that I’ve tried. And at $3, I picked up one in every shade along with multiples of the clear mint shade (huge fan).

So what makes it different from all of the other drugstore lip balms I’ve tried? It actually hydrates my lips and leaves a nice tint on the lip, similar to a sheer lipstick (the peach and pink shades have a more opaque finish). Baby Lips comes in a few really flattering shades that work on different skin types and they’re also coming out with a new “Electro” line with neon shades. As for the texture, it’s never sticky and doesn’t have that beeswax-y feeling, which always tends to dehydrate my lips even further. The darker shades like “Cherry Me” and “Grape Vine” also do double-duty as cheek stains if you dab a bit and blend unto your cheeks.

Another plus? The fun packaging makes for a nice mid-day-pick-me-up whenever you whip out this technicolor day-glow tube. Yes, I’m still a big believer in Aquaphor for intense overnight lip conditioning, but for a convenient lip balm on-the-go, Baby Lips will not let you down!