Nude Matte Nails

A trend I’ve been wearing all summer on my nails are pale nude shades with a matte topcoat. I was never into the hype of matte topcoats for darker shades until I actually tried using a matte topcoat on nude shades… BIG difference.

It’s nonchalant but still a bit edgy with the matte-ness. Ideal for summer when you want pale nails that make your tan stand out…and you can also wear it to transition into fall. (PS. Matte Oxblood shades are going to be huge for fall nails… so don’t toss the matte topcoat just yet.)

Experimenting with layering nude shades and then topping it off with a matte topcoat allows you to get the perfect shade of matte nude nails. My fave combo? Essie’s Sand Tropez, with a sheer layer of Essie’s Allure overtop. And can’t forget the essential matte topcoat…Essie’s Matte About You.
Screen Shot 2013-08-19 at 3.57.59 PM